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Children, Young People and Schools

The Big Debate Club

To find out what children and young people think about the Restoration and Renewal Programme, we worked with educational charity Smart School Councils, to run a series of R&R themed debates through their Big Debate Club.

Focussing on different aspects of restoration and renewal, from access to sustainability, thousands of students took part from schools across four nations of the UK, during the summer term 2021.  Considering both the opportunities and challenges restoration and renewal presents, students expressed their opinions and perspectives on the importance of this historic restoration.  

You can view all the results of the R&R themed Big Debate Clubs, watch the videos and access all the free supporting materials online.

Debate library

How important is it that the Houses of Parliament Building is protected and saved for future generations?

How important is it that the Houses of Parliament building sets an example for protecting the environment?

How important is it for people to be able to visit the Houses of Parliament building?