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Saving the seat of democracy

The restoration of the Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster, home of the Houses of Parliament, is one of our most treasured buildings. Recognised the world over, it is the symbolic heart of our democracy and nation. 

But the Palace is falling apart faster than it can be repaired. Our mission is to save the Palace and create a working home for parliamentary democracy for generations to come.

It is the citadel of British liberty; it is the foundation of our laws.

Winston Churchill

The Palace

The Palace of Westminster is an icon of our nation’s past, present and future. It is the home of our democracy and a workplace for thousands of people. The building has played a unique role in our political history for 900 years.

The Plan

The restoration and renewal of the Palace is the biggest and most complex renovation of a heritage building ever undertaken in the UK. It is a huge challenge, but we will strive for value for money at every stage.

About us

The project is run by a Sponsor Body and Delivery Authority, similar to the 2012 London Olympics. The Sponsor Body sets the scope, budget and timescale. It oversees a Delivery Authority, responsible for completing the work. 


The Sponsor Body has been launched as an independent organisation, separate from Parliament. See images of the proposed temporary House of Commons Chamber.

Work with us

This national infrastructure project will create jobs, contracts and training opportunities all over the UK. Our teams are talented, motivated and diverse.



Access the document library for detailed information about the Programme, including reports, board papers and factsheets.