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Children, Young People and Schools

As we continue to work to restore the iconic Houses of Parliament, it is important to remember that children and young people are the future custodians of this historic building.

Two boys look across the river to the Houses of Parliament.

Two boys look across the river to the Houses of Parliament.

Engaging children and young people with the complexity of the restoration of the Houses of Parliament and, importantly, seeking their views is a key focus of the Restoration and Renewal Public Engagement Programme.  

Launching in May 2021 the programme will be working with educational charity Smart School Councils, to deliver Restoration and Renewal themed activities. Using their Big Debate Club model, children and young people will learn about the Palace of Westminster, consider the opportunities and challenges it presents and express their opinions and perspectives on the importance of this historic restoration.   

Teachers are supported to deliver each R&R themed debate using free lesson plans and videos available on the Smart School Council website. There will also be free continued professional development (CPD) webinars providing an additional layer of support to help teachers to facilitate meaningful classroom discussions on the topic of Restoration and Renewal of the Palace of Westminster.    

Future opportunities for involvement

There will be further debates exploring the restoration of the Palace in later in the year.